Having your say on the big issues of the day

In each new edition of The Coffee Extract, we love to bring you the latest news & trends from the world of coffee. We love providing coffee professionals and café owners with insights and helpful tips that can make the daily grind that little bit easier.

For this edition, however, we thought we would pass on the microphone. We decided to seek out some new voices and wanted to gain their perspective on matters important to them.

First off, we decided to get in touch with the good folks at the John Muir Trust. The unique partnership we have with the Trust, through our Peak & Wild coffee, means that we will help 2,500 young people achieve their John Muir Award over the next 3 years. But what does the Award actually entail, and how is it helping both young people and the wider community? Well, they've broken it down for us.

Next up we wanted to hear from you, the café owners who are on the frontline of yet another crisis. With the cost of living soaring, we find out how three very different café operators have been coping with spiralling costs.

Without our strong network of coffee producers, there would not be a Coffee Extract for us to pull together. They are the bedrock of our supply chains. It is vitally it important that we listen to them, their concerns and the challenges they face. With that in mind, our Sustainability Manager, Amy Oroko, has extracted some key findings from our Annual Producer Survey.

Aroma Coffee is owned and operated by the NHS, with any profits funnelled back into patient care. In order to discover how important a role their coffee has played in the lives of NHS staff over the past few years, Coffee Extract first-timer, Katie Dempster, decided to speak with some of the key people at Aroma.

Plus, with Recycling Week fast approaching, we thought we'd ask many of the team behind the Coffee Extract to see just how difficult it would be to give up single-use plastics for just one working week. As you'll soon find out, some had greater success than others.

Last, but by no means least, we've asked one of our long-serving graphic designers, Will Hall, to also make his Coffee Extract debut. Enjoy as he provides his unfiltered take on the pitfalls of 'modern' café design. He'll also dish out some handy tips on the how to make your café stand out from the crowd.

So, pour yourself a coffee, sit back and enjoy reading everything our contributors have to say.

David Cunninghame

Content and Social Media Manager

David recently joined the team at Matthew Algie following five years at one of the UK’s leading sports media brands.

A content specialist, David is excited at the prospect of getting to grips with all aspects of the coffee industry, especially its stories and its people.