Colin Morrison, Group Director of Marketing & Innovation

After a year of lockdowns, endless uncertainty, and a long, isolated winter, the anticipation of summer (for both operator and consumer) has never been greater. With COVID cases declining, vaccinations rolling out, cafes opening their doors and social restrictions easing, we equate the impending season with everything we have missed this last year.

Consumers that have spent 14 months being thrifty are now ready to empty their pockets. To reward themselves in simple indulgencies, once taken for granted: a picnic in the park, a coffee in a cafe, a long lunch at a restaurant, a drink down the pub, or a luxury staycation. Every sip, every bite, every conversation and experience will be anticipated and savoured, with a commitment never to forget how important these small things are.

Now is the time for hospitality to harness this desire to spend and be indulged. To step up and make people feel special, rewarded and deserving. To help create memories and harness the joy and delight so many are feeling. If ever there was a time to stand out from the competition, this is it. If you are clear on your USPs and play to your strengths you will shine.

In this month's edition, we have compiled all the insight and inspiration we think you'll need to come out on top this summer: from helpful tips on the 'Art of being Awesome' to summer recipe ideas and cold brew inspiration. We are particularly pleased to share a local coffee shop success story, Absolute Roasters, who are changing the shape of the cold brew market in Scotland and will undoubtedly serve as inspiration to many.

However you go forward from here, we wish each and every one of our industry friends and customers a secure, prosperous and enjoyable summer season. We all deserve it after all!

Colin Morrison

Marketing & Innovation Director

Colin has worked within the coffee industry for 14 years. He began working with the Matthew Algie team at the start of 2020 and has a true passion to create new brands, products and business models to support customers. He has been keen to not let covid slow any progress for our Matthew Algie brand.

Most recently he has completed a Digital leadership qualification and sees brand and customer experience as one. Understanding the digital impact has and can help shape and grow coffee businesses.

He is excited by change and adopts an approach of ‘let’s make it happen and analyse after’.”