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Consumers are faced with a very different gift shopping landscape this Christmas - but here's where cafes can benefit.

Living in various states of lockdown and with a general reluctance to spend more time in public spaces than is necessary, people will undoubtedly display markedly different buying behaviours this Christmas.

But let's not assume that everyone's entire Christmas list will be purchased on Amazon. Frustrated by their restricted living conditions, many consumers will be hopeful of new ways to achieve their Christmas gifting buzz.

Our world has gotten smaller and as a consequence, local food and drink experiences have grown significantly in importance to us (even if we can only buy to take home or arrange a delivery).

Many people, now working from home, are visiting local stores for provisions (or utilising their delivery services) rather than heading to supermarkets. And neighbourhood coffee shops and delis have been an essential destination for a pick-me-up. It is on these outings (or web visits) that cafes have an unprecedented opportunity to boost their retail sales. What better time for a consumer to get into the festive spirit and manage their Christmas to-do list than when ordering their daily flat white. Adorn your shelves (or webshop) with irresistible gifting products and everyone wins!

But how do you make your particular selection of delicious treats, coffee-makers, and teapots stand out from the rest? Shoppers buy with their eyes (and with their busy schedules in mind). Show a selection of your range in beautifully hand-crafted gift-packaging and watch them fly off the shelves.

Here are our three favourite three gift wrapping trends for the season...

Image courtesy of Nordic House

01. Eco-friendly Christmas

Whatever your style, rustic minimalism or art-deco chic, be sure to consider the impact of your wrapping choices on the planet.

According to, "in the UK alone we throw away 30% more rubbish over the festive period. Over just the Christmas week we will have binned 227,000 miles of Christmas paper — enough to go round the planet about nine times!"

Choose recyclable papers with care - many that would appear to be so, are not. It's not just the designs emblazoned with foil that end in landfill. (We love this reversible kraft paper from Nordic House - not just because it's stunning, but because it is made from unbleached, FSC-certified, recycled paper from sustainable forests and is fully recyclable and biodegradable).

Consider alternatives to regular sticky tape too, such as raffia cord and paper parcel tape.

The planet (and your customers) will thank you for it.

02. Natural Gift Toppers

No gift is complete in 2020 without an impressive gift topper. This extra embellishment speaks volumes to the recipient. It tells them that the gift-giver thinks are special, that they are worth the extra effort. It displays the care and creativity of the gift-giver and decorates a home both before and after being gifted.

Toppers come in all shapes and sizes and can be bought off the shelf in a multitude of themes. But what will make the gift topper extra special in 2020 is if it is carefully hand-selected from nature.

This year, many of us have become far closer to our natural surroundings than ever before. We are enjoying long walks, taking more regular outdoor exercise, and affording ourselves more time to notice Mother Nature's work around us.

Gifts adorned with natural toppers will be a delight to create, a pleasure to buy, and a joy to receive.

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03. Furoshiki: re-usable wrapping cloths

What's more eco-friendly than re-usable wrapping?

Furoshiki are a type of Japanese wrapping cloth, traditionally used to transport clothes, gifts and other goods. Though their usage in Japan fell sharply with the introduction of the plastic shopping bag, there are efforts to resurrect the tradition.

Wrapping cloths are now readily available in the UK & Ireland in a wide array of fabrics and designs. Though the investment is higher, there will be zero waste and a very happy loved-one. The only question is whether the lucky recipient will be able to bring themselves to pass it on to someones else.

Selling wrapping cloths alongside your produce, with some carefully bound examples, will offer you a new line of revenue, and your customers' plenty of inspiration.

Check out for how-to videos and a great range of sustainable wrapping cloths.

And if you're stuck for retail gifting inspiration...

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